How Long Does Breast Milk Last

How long does breast milk last?

How long does breast milk last depends on how properly it is stored, making it consumable to the baby for days. Breast milk is one of the most essential needs of every baby, as it is highly nutritious, and healthiest food for the baby. It is also prone to least bacterial contact. In this modern day world, with the increasing pace in life, young mothers feel an urge to get back to work. Such mothers can still assure their babies to receive the advantage of breast milk and more probability of how long does breast milk last.

At room temperature, the storing of breast milk can last for almost 8 hours. But immediate storage of the milk in the freezer of a refrigerator may last longer. Breast milk, if stored in a refrigerator from the time it is pumped out, can last up to 2 weeks. This may prove beneficial to how long does breast milk last. Whereas extracted breast milk, which is earlier placed in room temperature and then refrigerated, may last up to 8 days. Hence if the breast milk is sure to be consumed within 8 days after storage, it should only be refrigerated and not frozen as breast milk that is frozen may tend to lose out on its disinfecting quality.

Generally speaking, storing breast milk definitely devoids it of certain properties. But if the mother stays out, this is a better option for the baby rather than providing normal milk. Thereafter how long does breast milk last is not a problem as long as the baby is getting some of it.

In case there is a need to store breast milk for even a longer duration, then it must be freshly pumped and directly stored in the freezer. This can last for 3 to 6 months. But it should be made sure that the freezer is hardly in use for other purposes, to avoid the opening of its door. Deep freezing can be a privilege to how long does breast milk last. To avoid any discrepancy, the container in which the milk is stored, should be tagged with the date of its pumping.

Frozen milk should be kept under normal refrigeration for a few hours in order to liquefy it. Before the stored milk is served to the baby, the container should be placed inside warm water, and lightly shaken in order to mix the cream and liquid which may have been separated into layers. It must also be noted that new fresh milk should not be blended with existing stored milk. It requires a different storage. If mixed, there would be no answer to how long does breast milk last as it will not last at all.

Frozen breast milk used after warming, can be stored again but the longevity decreases once it is defrosted. It can be then stored for only up to 24 hours in the refrigerator, but cannot be frozen. However, re-storing of warmed milk is not advisable.

Hygiene increases duration of stored breast milk:

Proper hygiene contributes to adding of time to how long does breast milk last. The pump used to extract milk from the breast and the container in which the breast milk is stored needs to be washed and sterilized well beforehand. For better cleanliness, the milk extracted from the breast should be directly poured into the storage container and sealed thereafter. So it is possible for working mothers to feed their babies with stored breast milk as it enhances the extent of how long does breast milk last.