How Long Does Breakthrough Bleeding Last

Breakthrough bleeding is a natural bleeding process that takes place when the female body tries to counter the buildup of hormones that occurs due to the use of contraception pills. This bleeding process may also occur due to menstruation that does not occur during the scheduled menstrual period of time. Breakthrough bleeding is more commonly known as spotting. It is bleeding pattern is determined by the manner of birth control. This condition is more commonly known as spotting. Since breakthrough bleeding can be a scary time for women who have not experienced it before, a common question that comes up is: how long does breakthrough bleeding last?

There is no fixed time at which breakthrough bleeding may occur if it is being caused by the use of contraceptive pills. It may occur at the time of ingestion, or a few days later depending on the kind of reactions it creates in the body. As a result, it often becomes difficult to answer common questions such as ‘how long does breakthrough bleeding last?’ The bleeding normally stops as soon as a couple of cycles are completed. The intensity of the bleeding also varies from case to case, and it is highly unlikely to determine with any level of accuracy how much a person will bleed during spotting.

What are the causes of breakthrough bleeding?
Before examining possible answers to the question ‘how long does breakthrough bleeding last?’ it is important to look at the potential causes of breakthrough bleeding. According to some researches, women who use hormone-based birth control pills are the most likely sufferers of spotting. This condition also seems to be aggravated by longterm smoking. Progesterone and estrogen hormonal imbalances are the ultimate cause of breakthrough bleeding. Various other common causes include sexually transmitted diseases, the swelling of the endometrium lining, ovarian cysts during pregnancy, ovulation and thyroid-related disorders. The cause of breakthrough bleeding helps doctors conclude an answer to the question, ‘how long does breakthrough bleeding last?’

How is breakthrough bleeding normally treated?
The answer to the question ‘how long does breakthrough bleeding last?’ normally depends on the kind of treatment that is sought for this condition. Depending on the cause of the bleeding, doctors normally suggest a number of treatment options. These range anywhere from simply waiting it out, to changing diet, to the substitution of various medications that may serve as triggers. If underweight women are suffering from breakthrough bleeding, doctors often recommend them to gain some weight, since petiteness has been known to aggravate spotting. Doctors also suggest quitting smoking.

How long does breakthrough bleeding last?
Spotting can last anywhere from a couple of hours to as many as five days. It is most common for bleeding to stop within 24 hours, but some women are prone to breakthrough bleeding for longer periods of time than others. It is essential to keep an open mind and not to worry too much in case the bleeding does not stop.