How Long Does Anxiety Last

There is not a lot of difference between panic attack and anxiety attacks. Both have been classified by the National Institute of Mental health to fall under Panic disorder and are often interchanged in the medical world.
While the variations on how long does anxiety last are broad, the symptoms are shared by almost 19% of adults between the ages of 18 to 54 in America. This is without considering the number of people who do not get the opportunity to have their symptoms diagnosed or reposted.

The episode of how long does anxiety last can vary from few seconds to a lifetime! These attacks can make a person weak and frail to the bone and hinder the normal lifestyle of the person suffering from them. There is no perfect estimation of the number of times a person will go through the episodes of anxiety attacks but there have been cases when people only experienced them once or twice throughout their lifetimes. But there have been many people unfortunate enough who experienced these attacks at a regular basis as the panic episodes became persistent and numerous.

The anxiety attacks take place when an individual gets a panic attack and is totally taken by surprise. The fears of their effects, their symptoms and worries that how long does anxiety last are enough to put a person in greater depression leading reoccurrence of panic attacks making person even weaker with worry.

There needs to be no reason and no warning that a person is about to get an episode of anxiety attack. A sentiment of terror, fear, or approaching bad luck can cause the body to respond with increment in heart beat rate and beating of heart, temperamental flashes, sweating, lightheadedness, irrational and suicidal thoughts, numbness of limbs, burning sensation throughout the skin of the body and many other reactions which, as a collection, are known as the symptoms of anxiety attacks.

The fear that how long anxiety does last also triggers these attacks. People can have an episode of few seconds or they might experience the pain for more than few minutes. Where these minutes don’t matter for healthy people they can last an eternity for people who are suffering from anxiety attacks. Another thing to notice is that, just like aftershocks of an earth quake, these anxiety episodes also happen to have subsequent attacks which elongate the whole painful episode for more minutes. These episodes do have an end, that is, there haven’t been cases of more than one of two subsequent attacks, and many cases have been known to feel the pain for longer periods of time which may include 24 hours or more. That is how long does anxiety last!

The duration of an episode of anxiety attack has nothing to do with the age factor. Granted, the ages of 17 to 25 are most likely to be the patients of this disease, but that does not give any information about pattern of anxiety attack’s occurrence period.

Studies have shown that women are more prone to get anxiety attacks than man but again, experts have notified that men often refuse to get their symptoms treated in order to not show signs of weakness therefore we cannot give solid ground to the effects with respect to gender.