How Long Does An STD Test Take

How long does an STD test take?

STD’s or Sexually Transmitted Diseases as the term itself is self-explanatory are sexually transmitted diseases, transmitted after having unsafe sex. There are at least about 25 different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. How long does it take to know which STD the patient is infected with? This can be determined by initial symptoms of sexually transmitted disease like lumps in the genital area, soreness, pain while urinating, itching and burning sensation while urinating. There are few kinds of STD’s that can be treated easily and over a short period of time and then there is a few which take longer. And when any kind of STD left untreated might results in a long term and serious disease like AIDS.

How long does it take to know which kind of STD it is? To know what kind of STD one is affected with first one need to determine if it’s an asymptomatic infection or a Pre-Symptomatic infection. Where asymptomatic infection means where the person involved is infected with the STD but shows no sign of symptoms and pre-symptomatic infection means because the infection is in its initial stage one cannot be diagnosed with the STD. Hence in cases like these a screen test is essential. How long does it take to get the results of the screen test? It can take a few days to get results of the screen test. The various kinds of STD’s are Gonorrhea, Herpes, Chlamydia, and Hepatitis. There are many reasons as to why one needs to get an STD test done.

• Gonorrhea – This form of STD harms the mucous membranes of the body infected with it. This disease is also the common cause of female infertility and is also highly contagious. Gonorrhea is caused by the growth of the bacteria called as Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
• Herpes – This STD affects the genitals of the person infected with it. And the initial symptoms of it will have to be the cold sores, blisters, vaginal discharge, fever mild to severe and pain while urinating.
• Chlamydia – This infection causes blindness and can be a major cause for a genital disease. It is highly infectious form of STD and the widest spread also amongst all the other STD’s.
• Hepatitis – This is another major STD. The symptoms of this are muscle aches, loss of appetite, nausea and jaundice to name a few.

How long does an STD test take? It basically takes about 48 hours to get the results of an STD test. Though there are a few tests that might take long depending upon the kind of STD infected with. Infected with certain viruses cannot be diagnosed in one diagnosis. Few require screen tests to be done to know the exact infection caused. How long does it take to get an HIV test result? An HIV test result can be obtained in about 6-10 days. Usually urine and a blood sample are taken to determine the exact STD infected. On an average any kind of STD shows common symptoms such as fever, blisters, skin infection, enlarged lymph nodes, painless sores and these can be easily transmitted through unsafe sex. Even with the modern technology used to detect major diseases it is not easy to detect an STD virus. Rare possibilities of noticing any signs of infection during detection as the virus is in its initial stages of the infection, and immediate test done shows no or minimal signs of infection. The required time for incubation must be given in order to determine the presence and kind of infection. After detecting how long does an STD test take? It takes about close to 48 hours for the STD test results.