How Long Does An MRI Take

How long does an MRI take?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is used throughout the world to get a detailed overlook of the human body. Many people use this test to get a digital view of the inside of their body; this test is very commonly used to understand many complex diseases in the human body that is hard to figure out. After the detailed information and imaging that can be gained through this test the doctors get a clear understanding of what the disease is and what are the best measures that can be used to cure that disease. MRI can be done on various parts of your body from your spine to the abdomen or the head, MRI scan be done of any part of the human body and because of its detailed description in the results it is mostly preferred and recommended by doctors when they believe you do not have an ailment that is readily apparent to the naked eye.

Because of the complexity of the machinery and the huge magnet inside, many patients may feel intimidated while being scanned inside it. Their main concern revolves around some questions such as, how long does an MRI test take? Because for some people, who have never been examined by this machine it can be a very unpleasant experience. Many people find themselves in a very uncomfortable position, lying inside that big machine which tends to get noisy and you need to lie still in that congested space inside the machine, which is unbearable for most patients. But since it’s the best way to get the most precise results of your infected area, many people go through with it anyway and are usually happy they did in the long run.

But the question remains the same, how long does an MRI take? It all depends on which body part you are about to scan, mostly the procedure takes up to an hour mostly but can vary according to the study of your specific body part. It all depends on the doctors and how quickly they diagnose your disease with this test. If the scan takes longer than expected then the doctors are finding it hard to find the infection in the scanned area and the disease can get hard to diagnose. After all, the human body is indeed very complex from the inside and it depends on the experience of your doctor as to how quickly he scans the specific part of your body.

So when it comes to the question of, how long does an MRI test take? No one can give you the perfect answer and everything will be decided once you get inside the MRI machine. Even if your doctor tells you a specific time limit doesn’t mean that it won’t take more time, so once your inside don’t panic when such things happen. Many people settle for X-Rays and CT scan but still can’t get to the bottom of their problem that is why many doctors prefer MRI because in order to successfully diagnose your problem it has to be completely understood. Make sure to be completely prepared once you decide to take this test and fully cooperate with your doctor as he is there to guide you through the entire process.

All in all, the total scan, which again depends on what area of the body are being examined, and need for changes and adjustments to lighting to get the right picture, may take up to one hour or more. New high tech scanners with more bigger and stronger magnets and updated software are now even quicker.