How Long Does An Ear Infection Last

Ear infections occur commonly and especially among kids. It becomes a tough challenge for moms to look after their kids when they are having ear infection. It is so painful and therefore moms are usually asking the doctor that how long does an ear infection last? Well there is one answer of how long does ear infection last? It takes maximum 24 hours. There are various kinds of ear infections and each has a specific treatment. To know more about how long does ear infection last, find out the types, symptoms, treatments and remedies of ear infections.

Researches show that mostly ear infection last for not more than one day but the conditions may worsen if treatments are not started on time. Surprisingly young children and babies are more susceptible to ear infections as compared to adults. The reason behind this high rate of how long does an ear infection last in children is that small children and babies have flatter, shorter and smaller Eustachian tubes. These tubes get blocked. When kids grow old, their Eustachian tubes start working much better. The tendency of having ear infections frequently thus reduces with age.

Children suffer through ear infection if their family also suffers through ear infections frequently. Also exposure to smoke of cigarettes, having flu or cold and various seasons of year are mostly responsible of resulting in to ear infections. Two things can be done to prevent your babies and small kids from these infections. Provide them a smoke free environment and breastfeed them for at least six months. This is because breast feed boosts baby’s immune system.

The symptoms of ear infections is usually fever. High fever is the result of any infection and that could be the ear infection. Small children cry a lot, they become irritating for parents during ear infection. Having a disturbed sleep, vomits, less energy, grizzly feeling and release of pus from the ear. These are the symptoms of ear infection.

The major treatments for ear infections include use of painkillers and antibiotics. Antibiotics is a must but should always be consumed when prescribed by the doctor. Until you show your child to the doctor, you can give him a pain relief medicine and later you can switch him to antibiotics.

Antibiotics are prescribed keeping the severity of infection, age, and condition and infection history of the child under consideration. The dosage mentioned on the bottle of antibiotics should always be followed. Make sure you visit the doctor again so as to update him with your child’s condition.

Now you would have understood how long does an ear infection last? Unlike other infections, this type of infection is the most difficult to bear. In some cases the ear swells up and becomes untouchable as it causes a lot of pain. Moms can take care of their kids at home by making them feel comfortable. They should be laid on a big pillow so that their ear remains in a proper position. In cases of release of pus, the ear should be covered.