How Long Does An Allergic Reaction Last

How long does an allergic reaction last?

Sudden signs of red itchy skin and uneven skin tone are the conditions of an allergic reaction. How long does an allergic reaction last? It totally depends on the cause of the allergic reaction as well as the type of reaction it is. In most the exact reason that triggered the reaction can’t be found. The skin tone infected with the allergic reaction is painful, cracked, uneven and extremely itchy. How long does the skin remain itchy also can’t be determined. This itching can get worse if one tends to scratch it over and over again. As the skin tends to peel its layer while scratching which causes the sensation of wanting to scratch it time and again. Most reactions last for about 12-14 days in case of a mild reaction. In any case of reaction a doctor’s consultation is a must to know if it’s a contagious one also to know the kind of reaction and get the necessary treatment.

How long does it take to get completely cured depends on the kind of reaction and the cause of reaction. There are many different causes that can trigger a reaction:

• Allergic reaction caused by Bacteria and Virus – This type of skin reactions are a result of the patient being infected with a virus or infections caused by bacteria. There are many types of viral infections the most common one being the herpes which is kind of STD. And bacterial infections are like chicken pox which causes skin reactions on a major scale. And how long does this type of reaction last? It takes about 1 day in a mild reaction and about 2 weeks in case of a severe reaction. Doctor’s consultation is a must even in case of a mild reaction.

• Food Allergies – This is the most common allergic reaction of all. This kind of allergy is a result of an adverse immune response to a particular kind of food item. Generally it’s caused by peanuts, shell fish, milk, oily nuts, and even dairy products. The symptoms of which being swelling on the face, dizziness, fever, change in the voice and so on. And how long does this kind of reaction last? It depends on the type of food allergy reaction it is. On an average it lasts for about 1 week to sometimes even just for a day or even for a few minutes.

For any kind of reaction or skin rashes doctor’s treatment is required. There are various tests to be done with the necessary medication provided by the doctor. They will even check the medical history as well as any hereditary condition of a possible skin disease and if at all there was something like this how long does it require to get completely cured. They even check on what caused the reaction and also the pattern of skin reaction and in how long does it aggravate. The various kinds of tests needed would be blood tests, urine samples, patch tests for the skin condition in a particular area of the body where the reaction is. And in how long does the rash or skin reaction disappear? It takes about 1 week to sometimes even a few minutes in case of a mild reaction.