How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last

How long does alcohol withdrawal last?

Alcohol withdrawal is the bodily and psychological changes that a person who has abruptly stopped drinking any kind of alcohol undergoes. How long does this kind of change last? The duration of such changes can depend on many reasons like if the person has been an alcohol addict, or the amount of alcohol consumption on a daily basis, the age of the person, and many more. The many symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are trembling, anxiety, disturbed state of mind, insomnia and so on. How long does the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal last? This generally depends on health, psychological reasons and also on the severity of the symptoms but on an average it lasts for about a week.

Mild Symptoms – Headaches, nausea, blurred vision; night sweats, shaking, and disturbed state of mind are considered as mild symptoms. And how long does this kind of symptom last? This kind of mild symptoms last for about a week.

Severe Symptoms – These symptoms are mostly found in the alcohol addicts or heavy drinkers. And the symptoms are similar to that of flu and can be of suicidal too. And how long does this kind of severe symptom last for? In this case it lasts for more than a week.

Shakes or tremors – These symptoms tend to show up after 6-10 hours of alcohol non-consumption. Initially the patient experiences shakes which are considered to be mild and later can also experience excessive vomiting in case it gets severe. How long does this kind of shakes last for? The shakes or the vomiting can last for about less than a week.

Delirium Tremens – This on an average starts within 2-5 days since the last alcohol consumption. This causes difference and difficulty in breathing, change in temperature, affects the blood circulation in the over all body, sudden mood swings, insomnia, excessive dehydration with sudden abrupt increase or decrease in the blood pressure levels. How long does this last for? This can last for approximately about 1 week to 2 weeks depending upon the severity of alcohol withdrawal.

Depending upon the alcohol withdrawal symptoms the adequate treatment must be provided to the patient under the guidance of a qualified doctor. As these withdrawal symptoms tend to increase over time, hence the right kind of treatment provided at the right time will be not only essential for the patient but also prove to be beneficial. How long does the treatment take? The duration of the treatment is entirely based upon the condition of the patient. In case the patient is suffering from mild withdrawal symptoms it can be taken care of in less than a day. And if at all the patient is experiencing severe symptoms or even worse is experiencing delirium tremens which is life threatening then in this case it might take more than a month.

How long does it take to diagnose alcohol withdrawal? Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be diagnosed depending upon the various symptoms, because there’s no specific test to determine alcohol withdrawal. How long does it take for the patient to experience alcohol withdrawal? It can take from anywhere between 5-8 hours since the last consumption, in case the patient is a heavy drinker.