How Long Does Alcohol Stay In Urine

How long does alcohol stay in urine?

Alcoholism can be detected by how long does alcohol stay in urine. Urine sample may help in knowing whether the person has consumed alcohol or not. Even the blood, breath or saliva can help in the detection of alcohol in a person’s body. A urine test for alcohol is done generally for post mortem cases or accidents that take place. Even people who have addiction problems and are retained from drinking alcohol undergo a urine test to determine if alcohol is consumed. Usually the answer to how long does alcohol stay in urine is about three to five days.

Alcoholism is a very serious problem. It can bring many problems in the life of a person. The intoxication may help a person to forget oneself and do things that one may regret later on. Drinking alcohol can be a deadly addiction. Thus if one falls for the path, it becomes difficult to leave it. Addition in any form is a matter of grave concern. It can lead to physical as well as psychological imbalances in a person. Alcohol, which is a form of intoxication is more destructive as it not only makes a person unstable, it also destroys the liver, often resulting in cancer. To determine how long does alcohol stay in urine is around a few days. Within this time a person can be caught drinking.

There are various tests done for determining if a person has consumed alcohol or not. When a person is drinking and driving and caught by a police for rash driving, a breath test is done to detect if the person had consumed alcohol prior to the journey. A urine test is done when too much time has passed, hence how long does alcohol stay in urine in the body of the particular person may resolve the issue of consumption of alcohol.

A urine test for alcoholism is very reliable. It is also a cheaper way of detecting if alcohol is present in a person’s body. Even if a person is to be convicted in a court, a urine test may prove to be the most trustworthy as there can be no surface tampering to take place. Therefore, after a person consumes alcohol, a few days time can help in detecting alcohol in the body, hence succeeding in how long does alcohol stay in urine.

If a person needs to be convicted for sure, there can be tampering done with the urine test. It may result in making the alcohol consumption appear diluted or too much in excess. Certain other urine tests detecting how long does alcohol stay in urine may bring in results for the previous 2 hours and there are some that can detect the presence of alcohol for the past three to four days.

how long does alcohol stay in urine can be found out but the test does not show alcohol per se. but since it breaks up due to chemical processing, the remains may be detected in the test, showing whether the person has been drinking alcohol or not. Sometimes when the metabolism rate of a person is too high, the alcohol content cannot be verified for more than a day’s time. Thus in such cases even a urine test may not be successful. Hence how long does alcohol stay in urine also depends on the body type of a person.