How Long Does Aids Live Outside The Body

HIV disease is a very dangerous disease since it cannot be cured. This disease is more like a fearful disease and now people all over the globe are very well aware of it. People, who are afraid of HIV often asked how long does aids live outside the body. They ask this question from doctors as well as on medial web sites. These are the ones who want to be very careful while visiting barber shops and having relationships with more than one women. Since the awareness about aids has increased in the past many years, doctors do not elaborate much while answering how long does aids live outside the body?

Both men and women are vulnerable to HIV. We think that if we get a cut on our skin at a barber’s shop and the blood comes out then we are susceptible to have HIV virus. This is not the case. HIV (Aids) virus stays on the skin, even on the blood as long as the blood clot is fresh and in liquid form. As the clot becomes dry the virus dies. HIV virus has a very short life outside the skin. You might have started getting answer to your question, how long does aids live outside the body. The virus survives hardly for a few minutes outside the body but it gets in the body then there are chances of growth. Let us look to small but important aspects of aids virus growth.

Researches show that there are many chances of getting aids infection from any barber shop. One has to ensure that the barber uses a new razor each time. The infection occurs if the virus enters the body via blood stream. In this case one has to take HIV precautions. This disease never gets transmitted through any causal contact. If someone who is HIV infected does an unprotected intercourse with non-infected woman, then there are only one percent chances of infection. Obviously this does not mean that one can go for unprotected intercourse every time.

You can sit, play and eat with HIV infected person without any fear. There are only two possibilities of having this virus in your body; either you do unprotected sex multiple times with an HIV infected person or you get an infected blood in an hospital or via any blood contact for example at a barber’s shop.

HIV is definitely a fatal disease and one should take care of it especially when maintain sexual intercourse and other relationships. It is always safe to have intercourse with a person you are sure about that he or she is not HIV infected. The simple answer to how long does aids live outside the body is, consider all the aspects and not just preventing oneself on the surface. You can even look for more answers online. It is not about how long does aids live outside the body, it is about how long you prevent yourself from having it.