How Long Does A Yeast Infection Last

How long does a yeast infection last?

Yeast infection also known as the Candidiasis is a kind of fungal infection of yeast. Even though the name might not suggest the seriousness of this infection still it happens to be a part of those chronic infections that are categorized as the life-threatening diseases. In infants this disease is identified as ‘Thrush’. Regardless of how long a yeast infection lasts, the signs and symptoms of yeast infection depend completely on the area which has been affected. Some of the common symptoms are itching and redness of the affected area a burning sensation during urination, pain in genitals and constant discomfort, while it can also take a severe turn if it is left untended.Some of the areas that get affected by this infection is esophagus; digestive track; oral cavity; urinary bladed and Genitals.

The answer to the question of ‘how long a yeast infection does last’ lies in the fact that usually the candida yeast is present in even a healthy person, specifically on the skin. However its growth is totally dependent on the immune system of the person. The already present yeast is attributed as an infection due to its overgrowth in the body. If there is a change in the pH level of the body it results in the overgrowth of yeast cells they multiply. This might also occur when the body lacks sufficient helpful bacteria to keep yeast in check, they multiply resulting in yeast infection. Sometimes intake of some antibiotics causes an imbalance in the system which makes the infection to grow; an increased level of estrogen during pregnancy or drastic hormonal changes can also cause it. People suffering from diabetes or Aids are also likely to get infected fest. So how long does a yeast infection last totally depends on what is done for its treatment.

How long a yeast infection last? About one week normally, however if it prolongs more than a week and the signs of the infections are not even close to getting diminished then it is time that you consult your physician and if they already are then The patient doesn’t have to worry about how long a yeast infection does last.. There are some home remedies as well as some treatments that are used to reduce the amount of infection and the duration of the infection and pain. It is very normal for the yeast infection to go away after two weeks. Some of the home made remedies to cure it are eating yogurt and applying it as well on the infected area; taking a bath in Luke-warm water with mixing apple-cider vinegar into it etc; drinking a lot of fluids as it removes all the toxins of the yeast infection from the system.

To quit asking, how long yeast infection last? The first encounter of yeast infection must be consulted with the doctor, and if it has been experienced before you are likely to know the causes and the tested and tried remedies that have worked to cure the infection at a faster pace.