How Long Does A Stress Test Take

Cardiac test or stress test is an evaluation of heart to know its capability to react on external stress. In this type of stress test, the person is evaluated on the maximum level of stress resulting into the high blood flow of heart’s muscle tissues. This stress test has been conducted either on treadmill, pedaling on the stationary bicycle or with pharmacological stimulation. The difficulty level keep on increasing on each level which will measure the amount of stress the person’s heart can tolerate. It is not necessary that the person who are suffering from heart disease go through such type of test, even the normal healthy person can go through the stress test to evaluate his mental and physical capability to accept the external stress and pressure. Now the question arises how long does a stress test take?

Stress test also identifies heart rhythm, evaluate the effectiveness of cardiac treatment plan and develop safe and healthy exercise program. The procedure of stress test on the treadmill has to be performed in this sequence.

The doctor will place 10 electrodes when the test starts and it will be placed on few parts of the body like including arms, legs and chest. It is advisable to shave the targeted area in order to get the accurate result. The electrodes have been attached to the electrocardiography machine which will give you the working of heart in the form of electrical waves. The heart waves will indicate and evaluate the exercise and stress tolerance of your body. It also measures the fluctuation in your blood pressure by increasing the stress at each level. If you want to know how long does a stress test take on a treadmill, here are few factors which define the longevity of the stress test.

To answer the question of how long does a stress test take, these factors play an important role; first, it depends upon the person’s ability to deal with the pressure. The stress test continues to the maximum level of tolerance until the person feel optimum heart rate. If the person feels fatigue, shortness of breath and chest pain at an early stage than the stress test has to be stopped immediately. This will also give the clear indication that a person does not have an ability to sustain a high level of stress. Longer the test higher will be the sustainability and stronger will be the heart.

An estimated time calculated to know how long a stress tests take is around 30 minutes without stoppage. This is considered as a normal time of a stress test if a person is strong enough to sustain the external stress and regular exercise. These 30 minutes include 5 minutes of pre-examination, 15 minutes of treadmill exercise which will measure the heart activity at maximum and remaining 10 minutes are used to measure the heart rate and after reaction of high stress tolerance on treadmill.
This procedure and factors are needed to measure the person’s cardiac situation and to measure the longevity of test which will give you the clear answer of how long does a stress test take.