How Long Does A Stent Last

Stent is a technical term used for the tube which is inserted into the artery which helps to prevent any blockage. It is most commonly used in coronary arteries to keep the arteries open in different heart diseases. Coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscle, it is very important for the human survival. Stent prevent various diseases and improve the chances of survival. Coronary artery stent is a stainless crystal tube with a balloon shaped end. It is inserted against the wall of coronary artery which holds and keeps it open. In case of any heart disease where arteries contracts and cant supply blood to the heart, stent help them to pass blood to the heart. If the stent has been removed then there is a risk of immediate death. Now the question arises how long does a stent last?

When heart doesn’t get enough oxygen and blood there is a high probability that a person can have a sudden death. Stent have different types of metal and drugs in it which helps to keep the artery open. Stent is inserted into the coronary artery through operation which prevents the coronary blockage.

To those who wants to know how long does a stent last here is a brief answer. The chances of blockage in comparatively less in a first year but after that there is a chance of reoccurrence of the blockage as the stent starts obstructing. Still, stent works at least for 4 to 5 years.

After knowing how long does a stent last lets discuss the procedure and duration required to pass stent into the coronary artery. The entire process to pass stent into the artery is quite simple but it is not easy to bear stent in your artery. The process requires half an hour but the duration depends upon then nature of disease and how severe the disease is.

With the latest technology and experienced cardiologist the process becomes less risky. The probability of death is less than 1% while passing stent into the coronary artery and the probability of immediate by pass is 2%. It is one of the safest procedures done successfully in many parts of the world. Probability of other serious infections and risks is also less than 4%. Risk of heart attack and cardiac cath is also relatively low.

Stent is made in a way that it is covered with natural tissues and there is very less chances of clotting. In some cases (1 out of 200) clots are formed in the coronary arteries due to stent which increases the chances of heart attack and some still recover from this type of disease. You don’t need to worry about how long does a stent last and what are the side effects of stent as this is a very safest and effective method to prevent heart attack.
This article discuss the brief function of stent, how it works, how long does a stent last and what benefits it provides to the heart patients.