How Long Does A Pinched Nerve Last

Pinched nerve occurs when too much pressure has been put on the nerve by surrounding tissues like bones and muscles. It can occur on various body parts depending upon various factors. When a group of nerves has been being compressed, stretched or pinched it cause inflammation, irritation, pain, muscle spasm, tingling or numbness. Pinched nerve cause lots of trouble and irritation in a human body, and it needs to come back to normal otherwise the body part doesn’t work properly. Now the question arise how long does a pinched nerve last? The answer to the question can vary depending upon the particular body part. It can be treated in few days or sometimes take months to recover. In some serious cases, it requires surgery to get rid of pinched nerve pain.

Factors that cause pinched nerve can be change in structure of broken bone, change in location of body tissues, poor body posture, heredity or obesity. In that case you will find numbness and tingling in that body part, weakness, feeling your body temperature starts rising, burning and feeling pins and needles.

People who ask this question frequently how to get rid of pinched nerve pain? And how long does a pinched nerve last? Here, is the quick answer to these questions. If you are suffering from minor pinched nerve pain than moist heat or simply change in body posture can help. If it’s not the case then following measures can be done.

Give your nerve time to relax
It is important to give your pain some time; continuous working position can cause additional damage to the tissues and nerves. Give your pinched nerve some time to relax from inflammation and numbness.

Keep other body part in working position
If you want to get rid of a pinched nerve and worried about that how long does a pinched nerve last then don’t leave your body on the bed for a whole day, keep moving and exercising your other body parts. Use your body part active through aerobics, dancing, walking or swimming. It keeps your body healthy and strong and also improves blood pumping which will reduce the pinched nerve pain. Keep moving and working allows good blood and oxygen circulation and heals the pinched nerve. Laziness can lead to decrease the muscle strength and sense power.

Apply hot and cool method for soothing muscles
For those who are worried about how long does a pinched nerve last, hot water bottle or hot water bath is an effective way to relax the pinched nerve quickly. It gives the soothing feeling to the muscles, and quick way to get rid of pinched nerve pain.
Icing is also a good remedy to avoid pinched nerve pain. Put ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes on the pinched nerve, it allows deep blood flow and reduces swelling.

Increase calcium intake in your diet
Increase the calcium in your daily diet or medicines, it will cure calcium deficiency and prevent you from a pinched nerve. You don’t need to ask how long does a pinched nerve last if you add calcium in your diet plan.
Few of the tips which can help to avoid pinched nerve pain and give you a clear answer of how long does a pinched nerve last.