How Long Does A Migraine Last

How long does a migraine last?

A migraine is a form of headache with a different level of severity in comparison to a normal headache. A person suffering from migraine headache experiences an intense pounding or a pulsing sensation in the head. This is a migraine headache. How long does migraine last for? Usually a migraine headache last for about 1-2 hours and in case of a severe migraine headache it can even last up to 2-3 days. With time the migraine tends to get worse and the person suffering from it senses light sensitivity, sound sensitivity and even any kind of physical movement can make the headache worse. How long does the sensitivity last for? The time span of the sensitivity depends of the severity of the headache.

There are two most common types of migraine headaches:

Classic Migraines – This migraine headache starts with a warning sign also termed as an aura. This aura often affects the vision of the person suffering from migraine. Light sensitivity, seeing flashy colors, strange burning sensation in the eyes, blurred vision being the common symptoms of a classic migraine headache. How long does this aura last for? This aura can last for about a few minutes 10-20 minutes to be precise.

Common Migraines – This type of Migraine doesn’t show any initial signs of occurrence hence such aura before this type of migraine. It starts gradually and with time tends to worsen. How long does this common migraine last for? In comparison to a classic migraine, this tends to last longer.

There are many things in general that can aggravate a migraine headache. Like for example change in weather, during the menstrual cycle, flashy colors, bright lights, loud noises, any kind of physical activity can aggravate the migraine. Apart from this there are certain food items also that can cause or aggravate migraine. Alcohol, preserved food items, any kind of beans, dairy products, chocolates, caffeine, meat and so on. And how long does migraine caused by food items last for? This again depends whether the migraine is a classic migraine or a common migraine. There are different causes for migraine like hormonal changes in women with fluctuations in the level of estrogen produced cause of stress, too much sleep or inadequate sleep, smoking, and so on. The basic symptoms of migraine are nausea, vomiting, mild to severe pain confined to just one side of the head and gradually switches on different sides with increase in the pain. How long does this pain last for? Depends on the severity of the pain, it can be reduced to a certain extent by avoiding harsh lights for a few minutes and staying in a calm atmosphere for a while till the pounding pain decreases.

Migraine headaches when left untreated can cause long term illness. It is even more essential to get a treatment for migraine if a person experiences a migraine headache for more than once in a day. Migraine headaches are also hereditary. If either parent of yours has a history of migraine then chances are even you are likely to experience one. How long does it take to know if a headache is a migraine headache or a normal headache? With the initial symptoms one can easily determine whether a headache is a migraine headache or a normal one. Hence prevention is always better than cure. Though there’s no assured way of preventing oneself from migraine but following a routine sleep habit can help a lot, also by avoiding anything that triggers even a normal headache.