How Long Does A Hip Replacement Last

Hip replacement surgery is a kind of reconstructive surgery for individuals who are suffering from severe hip arthritis. Although hip replacement procedures have evolved significantly in recent times, replacement hips do not last forever. If your doctor has advised you to get a hip replacement done, you are probably wondering what the answer to questions such as ‘how long does a hip replacement last?’ are. The answer to this question is multidimensional since there are a number of factors that help determine the life of a hip replacement.

Artificial hips are nowhere near as durable as the hips we are born with. If you are one of those unlucky people whose natural hips have become dysfunctional over the duration of your lifetime, it is not uncommon for you to ask questions like how long does a hip replacement last. The first thing that you need to look at before answering this question is the kind of materials that are being used to make the hip replacement. Traditional hip replacements, normally made out of a combination of metal and plastic, although sturdy, are prone to deterioration. Special materials that have been designed specifically for hip and knee replacements in recent years tend to last longer.

According to most experts, a typical hip replacement should last for at least twenty years. However, most doctors tend not to commit to a certain time frame while answering the question: how long does a hip replacement last? This is because there are a number of different unpredictable factors, other than the quality of the materials used in designing the hip replacement, that impact its lifespan. A big factor that comes into play is the age of the person who is getting the hip replacement. Unlike most other kinds of surgeries, replacement surgeries are generally more effective on older people since they tend to exert less pressure on their hips. Younger people are more active, and their hips are more likely to be exposed to wear and tear.

In determining a final answer to the question, ‘how long does a hip replacement last?’ it is not uncommon for doctors to take into account the weight of the patient. Since hips hold a great degree of the weight of a human body, it is no surprise that heavier patients are likely to enjoy less time with their hip replacements. The lighter the patient is, the longer their hip replacement is expected to last. The amount of activity the hip replacement patient undertakes after the procedure also affects the answer to the question ‘how long does a hip replacement last?’

The last thing anybody who has gotten a hip replacement surgery done wants is to get a revision hip replacement. Doctors are also reluctant to do second hip replacement surgeries since their success rates are notably lower than the first hip replacement surgeries. Luckily, only 2% of people who have gotten a hip replacement surgery require revision hip replacements during the first five years of their initial surgery.