How Long Does A Herpes Outbreak Last

How long does a herpes outbreak last?

How long does a herpes outbreak last has no definite answer. It is an infectious disease caused by sexual intercourse or oral sex and can remain for a lifetime too. The disease is such that even after it is treated, there can be another outbreak possible later on. The infected person may have sores on the genitals and hence the partner may also get the disease. Though sometimes there are no visible symptoms but how long does a herpes outbreak last may be around 2 to 4 weeks time.

A herpes breakout is a skin disease that takes place in and around the mouth or the genitals of a person. Sores develop on the infected parts and soon they turn into boils. With medication, blood or fluid is discharged from the sores marking an end to the infection. But how long does a herpes outbreak last has no fixed time as there can be a re-occurrence of the problem in future.

In case a woman is pregnant and infected with herpes, there is a possibility of the passing of the infection to the newborn baby. A herpes outbreak has become a common sexual disease of the world. The shocking part is that even if a person is infected, he/she may not be aware of it. Thus by having a sexual contact with the partner, the disease is transmitted thereon. The possibility of detection is that the skin around the genitals may become red or itchy. There may occur a burnt feeling during urination. Occurrence of sores is a visible symptom of a herpes outbreak. Thus in such cases, one must immediately consult a doctor.

Early detection and subsequent treatment will help in spreading the disease to another level. Even fever, headache or the like may be the symptoms at times. How long does a herpes outbreak last can be up to weeks. But even after the initial treatment is done, the virus that causes the outbreak remains dormant inside the nervous system of the person. Later on something that may trigger the virus will lead to another outbreak. Even then how long does a herpes outbreak last will be the same duration but it is less painful and serious as the first outbreak.

To prevent a herpes outbreak, it is advisable to have protected sex. This will prevent the transfer of disease, if one of the partners has been infected. If a person has been infected once, he/she must avoid oral sex. This is because even if the second outbreak is not visible on the surface, it must have got in action. Even when a person is finished with the treatment, due to the exact awareness factor of how long does a herpes outbreak last, the disease can be transmitted to the partner. In case of a herpes outbreak, even kissing may be harmful.

Thus it is impossible to know how long does a herpes outbreak last or when there will be another attack of the disease. Even proper medication during the first outbreak will not be able to completely wipe off the disease from a person’s body as it remains stuck in the nerves. Even a small cut here and there may lead the virus to surface up again and cause an outbreak. Though it is thought to be 4 weeks of how long does a herpes outbreak last, there remains many questions unanswered.