How Long Does A Heart Attack Last

How long does a heart attack last?

The condition called the Heart attack takes place when the adequate amount of oxygen is not received by the muscles of the heart. How long does a heart attack last depends on the following: to function well the heart muscles are in constant need of oxygenated blood. In some cases the coronary arteries become narrow or get plaqued up such that they clog the supply of the oxygenated blood to the heart. Due to the lack of blood supply and lack of oxygen the cells in the heart begin to die which brings about the condition called the heart attack. Sometimes these dead cells become a scar which is likely to create health problems in the future. The heart receives a level of damage which depends on the amount of cells that got affected and the time taken for treatment after the attack.

Concerning how long a heart attack lasts, the symptoms however can be different from one person to the other; it is also different for men and women. Some of the symptoms that indicate this condition are dizziness, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, heaviness of chest and left arm, nausea, neck or back pain, and pain throughout. In men it is more seen that heart attack causes symptoms like chest ache and dizziness, however in women the symptoms that are seen are shortness of breath, nausea, back and jaw pain as long does a heart attack last. While for some people nervousness and anxiety is felt during a heart attack. These symptoms are usually taken lightly mistaking them for heartburn or indigestion. Finally in case of elderly people there cannot be any warnings or symptoms of the attack.

The heart attack symptoms can either be very mild or very severe, and it may also be that a person doesn’t realize that he or she is having a heart attack. So How long does a heart attack last? It is different from one person to the other in terms of symptoms. Normally the warning signs of a heart attack could last from 15-20 minutes to several hours and the only way to make sure that it is a heart attack is to get tested. By making and having appointments for blood tests to confirm the presence of some kinds of proteins; the activity of the heart is monitored to see if there is something unusual about the activity. In some cases even the structure of the heart is examined to confirm the damage.

In most cases the patients die within the first hour of the heart attack when the symptoms start showing. This is because of the reason that they do not make it to the hospital or do not get fast help. So even if the symptoms are similar and you are unsure if it is a heart attack or not a quick can help save a life. The first hour of the heart attack is very crucial and decisive and if proper help is given a life could be saved in this time. As soon as the patient shows the signs of the attack the people should call the ambulance. Having the contact number of the nearest hospital always comes in handy.