How Long Does A Bruise Last

Bruises are caused by blunt impact with rough surfaces and occur often in our day to day life. Most of the time people ignore bruises and do not do anything to make them heal. This is alright if the bruise is a normal one because if you ask how long does a bruise last, the answer is that a normal bruise will heal in about two weeks. Deeper bruises may take up to a month to heal. Most of the time bruises heal without any special care. However, if the bruise gets infected for some reason and there is pus formation, you should immediately see a doctor. Again if bruises seem to appear on your body for no apparent reason, you need to see a doctor to diagnose the causes.

How long does a bruise last also depends on whether or not you are diabetic. Diabetes patients often find that their bruises take more time than those of other people. In diabetes patients there is also an additional danger of the bruise developing an infection. At the same time, if the bruise is on the feet you should be extra careful because if neglected, it can develop into gangrene. In fact diabetics should see a doctor if the bruise is a deep one.

It is not just sufficient to know how long does a bruise last, as you need to know what exactly a bruise is. Bruises are also known as contusions or ecchymosis. They occur when the capillaries under the skin rupture due to any blunt impact. The blood oozes out of the ruptured capillaries into the surrounding tissues causing discoloration of the skin. Sometimes bruises may be an indication of a more serious injury like a minor or even major fracture. They could also indicate that there is internal bleeding. Hence if after 30 minutes of the injury if there is severe bruising, pain or swelling it indicates a more serious problem like a sprain or fracture. Some bruises may deteriorate and lead to serious problems like hematoma. This is the reason you should not treat bruises with carelessness and it is best to take the advice of a doctor if you get bruised.

The bruise usually appears as a red colored patch which later turns purplish-blue and then yellowish-green before the color of the skin turns to normal. The bluish-purple discoloration is known as purpura in medical terms. How long does a bruise last also depends on how you treat it. Applying ice on the bruised skin will reduce the bruising faster. Also try to keep the bruised area above the level of your heart. The bruised area will feel tender and is sometimes even painful, but as the color of the skin turns to normal the pain goes away. Usually bruising is caused due to an injury, but sometimes it can be an allergic reaction to some medication or anything else that you may be ingesting. How long does a bruise last also depends on this allergic reaction. In this case the bruising will last till the time that you keep taking the medication or any other ingredient. Hence it is best to consult a physician in case of bruising.