How Long Does A Bladder Infection Last

How long does a bladder infection last?

A three-day medication can relatively answer as to how long does a bladder infection last. It can also take up to a week’s time if it gets complicated. Bacteria can cause infection in the bladder and it happens mostly to women. In fact, ratio shows that every woman might have had a bladder infection in their lives. Sexual intercourse or improper hygiene maintained at the genital area may cause bladder infection in woman. How long does a bladder infection last will be around a few hours to three days.

The genitals of every person are a very sensitive area. It must be kept clean and dry to prevent it from a bacteria attack. Going to the washroom to pass off waste materials from the body is necessary and it must be done in a proper manner. The area should be washed properly and with care. Until and unless a person attends to such things in a careful manner, he/she will not remain free from infection. How long does a bladder infection last will be absolutely dependable on the hygiene factor that one has taken care of.

It is very important for women to wipe their genital area properly after emptying their bladder and after passing out stool. This is because since the genitals of women are more open than men, there are higher chances of a bacterium entry. Such cases can be treated with antibiotics and hence how long does a bladder infection last will be the normal duration. But if a man gets bladder infection, it is often complex in nature. It happens mainly to men in their 50s and onwards.

The possible symptoms of a bladder infection are swelling of the bladder, an urgent need to urinate and that too very often, a burning sensation while passing out urine, sometimes a discharge of blood in urine or cloudy urine. If a person, especially woman, goes through any of such possibilities, she must consult a doctor immediately. Thereafter how long does a bladder infection last will depend on how early the problem is detected. Usually it will last for three days by taking proper medication.

To avoid getting a bladder infection, it is advisable for women to take extra precautions. Also after having intercourse, she must pass urine to let go the liquid collected. Regular health checkups are a safer way to avoid the increase of a bladder infection, if any. In case of men, how long does a bladder infection last has a different answer of up to 10 days or even more depending on the condition. Prevention, detection and treatment are necessary in case of a bladder infection. Having to leave it untreated, the infection can spread upwards to the kidneys causing more problems.

Thus it is almost three days as to how long does a bladder infection last but it can re-occur in some cases. It is, therefore, a smarter choice to detect the inner cause of the infection and prevent it altogether from happening again, though in the initial stages the infection can be treated comfortably. Very often it happens that a person delays in urinating. This must be avoided at every cost. Keeping the urine in the bladder for a long time may increase the risk of an infectious attack. So do not worry about how long does a bladder infection last, prevent it from occurring as much as possible.