How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes

Potato which is known as the most favorite vegetable loved by every age group of people especially kids from breakfast to dinner potato is a must ingredient.
Potato which does not have its own strong taste but you can make a lot of dishes with potatoes by adding spices, sauces etc but the question arises in the mind of many people who wanted to grow potato in their own farm that how long does it take to grow potatoes and by what means.

Let’s first discuss the types of potatoes:

RED POTATOES: this type is not common among people, tasty though.

WHITE POTATOES: small by nature which is quite famous at fall cookouts.

IDAHO POTATOES: known as ‘BAKERS’ potatoes used for baking purpose mainly.

SALT POTATOES: it’s the common type used in everyday cooking from French fries to curry.

Taking Decision:

First take a decision which type of potato seed because it’s almost 90 to 100 varieties of seed available in the market when you are planning it’s very important to know that how long does it take to grow potatoes because duration varies from 70 to 120 days, secondly purpose for growing potatoes are you going to sell them in the market or used it for your own cooking purpose. If you want to enjoy your potato in winter season you should store the last harvesting one.

We divide planting potato for three periods:

Early Season:

Early season potato has a lot of advantages attached with it such as if you are short of space and time you should go for it secondly few pesticides attacked in early season how long does it take to grow potatoes in early season it’s from 70 to 80 days only.

You can enjoy early season potatoes in the last week of May or first week on June while others take time to grow.
These potatoes are all rounder potatoes you can use them for any kind of cooking whether it’s baking or frying with round shape and normal size.

Mid season:

How long does it take to grow potatoes in mid season, the duration is from 16
To 17 weeks to harvest after planting, you should able to enjoy last week of June to the first week of august.
These potatoes are used for mainly salad, steaming, mashed. It’s long in shape big in size it includes pink colored one which is used for salad.

Mid season potato plant between months of March (late) April (1st week).

Late season harvesting:

As depicted by name it takes a lot more time than categories mentioned above to harvest.
Now for all people who are interested in farming this category will ask how long does it take to grow potatoes especially this type well answer to your question is it takes approximately 120 days or more to harvest.
These are called main crops which is best for storage.

First to plant than comes maturity stage finally harvesting, we plant this type in late April it’s ready in late July to October.

Things to be remember:

Potato grows best in soft soil which is known as ‘Muck’. In those areas where you find soft oil you will find a lot of onion and potato plantation.
Second thing potato likes plenty of sunlight so avoid planting them in cold frost areas because it might have damaged the roots
Third thing adequate water is necessary for potato plantations.