How Long Does Baby Formula Last

Baby formula has brought convenience and ease in lives of several parents. They trust baby formulas for nourishing their babies in the best way. It is called as a life-saver because it’s a huge relief for parents especially mums who stay away from their kids due to job requirements. All those parents who are newly aware of baby formulae often ask how long does baby formula last?

This article can best reply to the question how long does baby formula last. Well the general answer is that it lasts until it turns bad but obviously this is not a satisfactory answer. Let’s dig deep into the benefits provided by it; this will help us to understand that actually for how long does baby formula last?

According to most experts, breastfeeding gives best possible nutrition to the baby. Baby formula feeding comes after this. If a mom is unwilling or unable to breastfeed then baby formula can easily provide quick nutrition to the baby. The manufacturers of baby formula produce several varieties of formulae. There is always a chance that any one formula will definitely fulfill unique needs of the baby. Let’s look to the various available baby formulae so that we could find out how long does baby formula last.

The mixed formula is an ideal solution for parents. This is a concentrated or powdered formula which gives an option for making baby formal at the time of need. Once this formula is formed, parents have to make sure that the baby consumes it within an hour. This is because it has to be discarded after an hour. For working mothers, who cannot feed their babies due to job issues, can prepare bottles of feed using a mixed formula but they have to refrigerate them. They have to make sure that all the prepared bottles are refrigerated and consumed within twenty four hours.

Another type of baby formula is called as ready-to-feed. This is available in both liquid concentrate and powdered form. Parents can mix it themselves. The unused part of formula should always be refrigerated. Once you break the seal, its expiry period starts. Therefore you have to refrigerate the unused baby formula. Keep in mind that the prepared formula will also last for not more than one hour and the refrigerated (unused) portion should also be used within two days.

The third type of baby formula is refrigerated formula. It is in form of a mixture. One has to use a warmer for serving this formula; this can done by using bottle warmer. Your baby should consume it within sixty minutes else the formula will turn bad.

Last but not the least is powdered formula. It is available in containers. It happens that the formulae containers are consumed very quickly and in most of the cases they do not even reach the date of expiry. If you have purchased baby formulae in bulk then make sure that you have seen the expiry date. These formulae do not last more than a year. We hope you have got the answer to of how long does baby formula last.