How Long Does Bottled Water Last

We all consume bottled water in an extensive amount. When water is treated, purified and sealed in a bottle, it is considered as clean. Like every liquid or mixture, which is treated and sealed in a jar or a bottle, bottled water also has an expiry date. Most of us believe that water is something that can never expire since it is a natural product. It is correct to some extent.

The answer to the question how long does bottled water last can be found as follows. Bottled water does not go bad even though there is an expiration date. Basically the water itself does not turn bad, it is the packaging that expires. The packaging of the bottle has an expiring date. The original flavor of water will change noticeably because it will absorb certain chemicals from the bottle’s packaging. Water is preserved (treated with various chemicals) so to come up with a standardize packaging.

Some water bottles have expiry date only while some carry a date till when the water tastes the best. The question, how long does bottled water last, can be best answered in a way that freshly treated water and water after expiry date, both have some noticeable change in taste n carry a specific kind of smell. This is because freshly treated bottled water has smell of toxic chemicals that are used for purifying the water. Newly placed bottles on the shelf determine this change in taste.

Water absorbs packing chemicals until the expiry date but it also depicts certain unpredictable behaviors. How long does the bottled water last mean that can water be utilized after the expiry date or what is the maximum limit of utilizing bottled water? In some cases, water gets a plastic smell and we think that the water is expired but it is not true. In another case contaminated water also does not show visible behavior.

In some states of USA, for example New Jersey, whatever inventory is ordered, it has to have an expiry date. In answer to how long does bottled water last one can also say that it lasts for a very long time. This is because once the seal has been opened, there are maximum chances for the growth of bacteria and algae. They do not multiply in numbers when there is a seal present.

How long does bottled water last can also be explained from an entirely different point of view. The expiry date on water is placed to maintain quality. After the expiry date the smell and taste may change but water will remain the same. One can store bottled water without any future worries. The expiry date simply represents the quality of the water bottled.

Initially bottled water was only used for medical purposes, later it become a lifestyle and consumers started purchasing bottled water to ensure safety, cleanliness and status symbol. The answer to the question how long does bottled water last has hopefully been answered in detail.