How Long Does It Take To Bake A Potato

Baked potatoes make an excellent meal if you use a little innovative thinking. This is the reason that baked potatoes are usually a staple in every household. The popularity of baked potatoes also depends on how long does it take to bake a potato. In a conventional oven the time taken to bake a potato at 375 degrees is approximately thirty minutes. However, you can reduce the time taken for baking by cutting the potato into half and placing it skin up on the baking tray. Also don’t forget to apply oil or butter to the baking tray.

The kind of oven you use makes a great difference in how long does it take to bake a potato. If you use a convection oven or a microwave the time taken to bake a potato can be reduced to a great extent. However, potatoes bakes in a conventional oven always turn out to be fluffier and more delicious. The choice is yours, and if you are over concerned with how long does it take to bake a potato because you need to fix a meal in a jiffy then opting for a convection oven or a microwave will be a good idea.

In order to make baked potatoes the first thing you should consider is that the potatoes should have a high starch content. You should also pierce the potato with a knife many times in order to help the steam to escape. This should be done before placing the potatoes in the oven. Do not wrap the potatoes, as that will cause them to be steamed rather than baked. How long does it take to bake a potato will not be important if you use your creativity and use some toppings that can be prepared in a jiffy.

You should cut a slit in the top of the potato and squeeze its sides before you add the toppings, when you are serving baked potatoes. You can have your baked potatoes drowned in gravy or smothered in butter, the choice is yours. In order to add unusual flavors you can pierce the potatoes with a knife several times and then marinate them in garlic paste. Otherwise, you can also marinate them in yogurt flavored with cloves. When you bake these marinated potatoes you will end up with delicious mashed potatoes that are an excellent accompaniment to any meal. Once you have mashed the potatoes you can add buttermilk, cream, sour cream butter, cheese or a variety of combinations of these ingredients to your mashed potatoes to create unique flavors. Once your mashed potatoes are appreciated it will not matter how long does it take to bake a potato.

You can also make the skin of the potato edible with a simple technique. Simply rub some vegetable oil to the outside of the potatoes before you place them in a hot oven. This will not just make the skin soft and edible but also make it taste good. All you need to do then is to add a little sour cream and butter or shredded cheese to make that perfect side dish.