How Long Does A Hard Boiled Egg Last

How long does a hard boiled egg last?

When we talk about hard boiled it actually means that there is no uncooked egg remaining in the shell of the egg. Sometimes people like to have partially boiled eggs the cooking or boiling period of it is a little lesser than the hard boiled one. How long does a hard-boiled egg last? Normally in their shells a hardboiled egg properly cooled in a refrigerator can be used for about one week. If the color of the shell begins to change you will know that the egg has gone bad. Sometimes the shell also feels slimy, dry or develops molds as well. The eggs that are fresh normally stay good for three weeks time in refrigerator.

After the egg has been boiled when they are stored in the refrigerator within an hour or so could last for a week, however if they are peeled and then kept in the fridge the chances are that they may stay fresh for one or two days. No matter how long does a hard-boiled egg last? Eating an egg after the date of its expiration may present the risk of salmonella. It is important to know that fresh eggs last longer than the boiled ones. The reason behind it is that there is a waxy protective layer on the eggs which is washed off from the pores of the eggshell in the process of cooking which allowed the germs to enter the eggs and ruin them. Hence the fresh eggs that have not been washed stay longer than those that have been washed. Keeping this in mind people who love to have eggs also must abstain from having eggs that are cracked.

The eggs must be stored in a way that they are not directly in contact with the sunlight. The sun can damage the eggs faster. After an egg is hard-boiled it emits a smell which comes from hydrogen sulfide, this smell is usually harmless as long does a hard-boiled egg last. To check whether an egg is good or bad it must be put in a bowl of water. If the egg floats it means that the egg has gone bad and if the egg sinks in the water it is fresh.

Concerning how long does a hard-boiled egg last, The method of boiling an egg to hard-boiled is to place the eggs in a pan with water. The level of water must be such that the eggs should be completely submerged in it. The pan must be placed on fire on full heat for as long does the water takes to boil. After the water starts to boil a little salt must be put in the pan and the flame should be lowered to medium. He pan should be covered with lid and kept on flame from 15 to 18 minutes. The function of salt is that it makes the shell come out easily after the boiling. Most also recommend that the eggs must be stored with their small ends up so that the yolks are centered after they are hardboiled.

So that is all for as long does a hard-boiled egg last.