How Long Does A Horse Live

Oh we all have wished at one point or another for the existence of unicorns and the nearest nature could give us was horse! Gallant and strong, owning horses is no short of a status symbol. But when you own a horse, the handsome thing other than the horse is the amount of money you need to spend on its – for the lack of a better word- maintenance. The food, the cleanliness, its health are just some of the things that will cost you a good bucks. But when you are investing so much, you might ask yourself that how long does a horse live.

This question seems very simple and you think that with just few clicks on Google you can stumble across the correct answer but the dilemma is, like seeing UFOs, people have different speculations. People have had different life experiences with horses. A horse- or any animal for that matter- will live as long as it gets good food and shelter. So asking that how long does a horse live is more like asking what is a horse’s potential lifespan. So now that we have understood the condition that determines that how long does a horse live let’s see what some horse owners have shared.

The most general answer you will get out of horses’ owners is that they live up to 20 years but this is an average estimation. There have been cases when people have called horses of 20 years of age to be old but in another part of the world a horse that is in his 40th year of existence is still as strong and vibrant as the horse who is 10 years old. But again this all depends on how well you have kept the horse. If given with the best food, a horse can exceed 25 years of age and live more than that.

There also exist some people who claim that the domestic horse have a longer time for how long does a horse live. It is said that domestic horse can live up to 50 years of age and a horse which lives in wilderness can lead a life of 62 years. Which makes us go woah! because life of horses apparently depended upon the care they were given and if horses are left off in wild with no shelter and lots of predators, how do wild horses exceed the tame horses. There are no answers given to this query which makes us believe that the theory which says that horses can live up to 30 years maximum is probably the accurate one.

So once again we are still thinking that hey, how long does a horse live? There are many people who say that the horses are only good up to 18 years of age and then they are a liability. Obviously we have to consider the kind the horse belongs to. There are horses that are good till 30 years of life. So in a nutshell, the definite time of how long does a horse live is still being debated but owning one will definitely do you some good!