How Long Does A Fly Live

We all are very familiar with flies; they are one of the commonly present pests in our households. Flies visit sewers, dumps, garbage heaps and eat fecal stuff. They discharge from sores, wounds and moisture areas. We find them feeding on spoiled meat, fish and eggs. The houseflies transmit approximately sixty five percent diseases to the human beings. We keeps our houses clean in order to avoid having flies but we never try finding out that how long does a fly live.

The question that how long does a fly live can be answered if one understands the lifecycle of a housefly. There are several kinds of flies but housefly is the one found mostly commonly everywhere. They are 6 mm long, gray in color and have four stripes on their body (thorax). Flies are unable to bite, they sponge liquids through various parts of their mouth. They mostly feed themselves on food present in solid form. They immediately release their saliva on the food; it liquefies the material and then they sponge it up easily.

The lifecycle of housefly will easily make you know how long does a fly live. In the lifecycle of houseflies, female flies are responsible for depositing eggs in any organic decayed matter. Studies show that the most preferred medium of breeding is manure of the horse. Surprisingly more than hundred eggs are deposited by each female. Within a day or two, the eggs hatch and maggots appear. Maggots are small creatures that resemble to worms. They live by feeding themselves son liquid material present in their sides. After sometime feeding process stops and the larvae borrows themselves in their surroundings which are very dry. This is the time when they pupate. It is like a brown object in which larvae becomes an adult fly.

This cycle takes 18 days, approximately three weeks. The housefly live according to the surrounding temperatures. If the climate is very hot, they live up to two weeks only. In winters, when the temperature is very low, these flies live for more than two months. They protect themselves in certain corners of buildings and houses. Usually houseflies o not travel much. They feed and live in the surrounding areas of their origin but some flies travel for twenty or more miles.

You would have probably got a clear idea about how long does a fly live. Flies multiply themselves very quickly. One has to keep his or her surroundings very neat and clean. They are found more in garbage areas where there is more sunlight. There are some ways to control houseflies. These include exclusion, sanitation and adopting non-chemical measures. Some methods provide control for long term while some provide short term only.

Now that you know how long does a fly live, you can keep your surroundings clean from manure and organic decaying matter. Doors and windows should be kept closed. Fly wraps, light wraps and swatters also help to control house fly birth.