How Long Does A Laptop Last

How long does a laptop last?

When choosing a computer, more and more people go for the laptop. With this, you can work and do your tasks anywhere and anytime. So portable, its utility was enhanced by the way the internet had become accessible – also anywhere and anytime. Aside from portability, the compact mobile computer has also become very affordable now and the supply and competition have brought the price down. But would you not dare ask how long does a laptop last? The answer of many suppliers and computer shops is 5 to 10 years, depending on how its owner maintains and takes care of it.

Type of laptop

The type of laptop affects the computer’s lifespan. Buying a laptop that carries the brand of reliable manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Compaq and Samsung can have better longevity than the generic brands. You may even compare the lifespan of the laptop with its smaller “Notebook or Netbook” version. Generic brands are cheaper because they are made of cheaper materials thus you cannot expect durability and longer lifespan.


The durability is affected by the way you maintain or take care of your device. One requisite is to regularly clean it – ensuring that dust is removed from the monitor, fan, and keyboard. When using the machine for quite a long time, try to shut it down to cool off. Overheating can affect the parts for and the machine can wear then out causing breakdowns. Some people invest in laptop cooling devices, but these can be a hassle. This should go without saying, but keep liquids away at all times!

Given the laptop is a portable PC and you are expected to be moving and carrying it when you travel, be sure that you place it inside a durable laptop bag that has protective cushions so that the laptop will be protected from banging on hard surfaces while you move around. Again, this goes without saying, do not drop your laptop, and when you are using the laptop and you have to temporarily leave it for some chores, set it down on a sturdy and secure surface.

Up to this point we have discussed physical or external ways of caring for your mobile computer. you also have to institute and practice internal care,looking after your software and the operating system. To safeguard your OS, do disk de-fragging regularly. This will also prevent the slowing down of data processing. Disruptive shutdown or pressing the power button for a long time is not good for your computer’s hardware and operating system, the proper way is to click the shutdown function from the menu. If you are freezing up often, and cannot do this, it may be time to de-fragment, run your anti-virus program, and uninstall programs which you do not need.


The manner by which you use your computer also determines the durability and long life of the laptop. Did you know that a laptop used for gaming can easily wear out the device’s hardware? Thus, do not overwork your PC and do not leave it running for a very long time. You should install firewall and anti-virus as protection against software damage, and spyware and spybots that are trying to crawl your computer for personal information and search habits. Exercise care when downloading; you might download a file that is virus infected, which is a real pain to deal with.

Now, do you in fact know the answer to the question how long does a laptop last? Mine lasts longer than the extended warranty period because I take care of it very well and keep the systems clean. Observing the proper maintenance suggestions, and after four years of hard computing tasks, my laptop is still very dependable. The five to ten year lifespan can be true as long as you take care of your equipment. The style may be outmoded by then but nevertheless, you have a device that is highly dependable and functional.