How Long Does a Dishwasher Last

How long does a dishwasher last?

One of the most important things to remember when considering this question is whether all guidelines were followed in the installation, storage and use of the appliance. However, choice of brand, size, features, how much wear and tear it can handle, and a host of other factors will provide an answer to this pertinent question. Dishwashers are expensive, and you should know what your getting into before making the investment.

It is said ever so often, yet it does not lose its importance: shop-around. Choose wisely, and whichever you choose to buy, follow all instructions in the manual carefully. A dishwasher is a relatively costly appliance and also one that is intended for long-term use. When deciding on a particular brand of dishwasher, always ensure that it is durable and reliable and reads lots of reviews and consumer reports and studies if you have the time. Because it is a long-term investment, usually averaging $800-$1000, it is imperative and wise that the brand chosen have all the features that will meet and satisfy your specific dishwashing needs, and will not require constant maintenance and repairs.

Now that you have bought the correct brand, it is time to install the appliance. When installing a dishwasher, always ensure that each component is properly installed: are the top and bottom racks installed in the right areas? Is it connected to the correct pipe for hot or cold water? Is the filter system set up properly? If after reading through the instructions, you still are not sure about proper installation, it is imperative that you seek help because if something is not done correctly, it can short out the machine, cause a constant small leaking that can ruin your floor, or even cause poor performance that results in extended and more frequent uses than are actually need if the machine was set up properly. But this does not answer the all important question: how long does a dishwasher last?

So a professional was hired to install the dishwasher and you are excited about giving your dried, cracked hands a break. But how do you use it? The do’s and don’ts of a dishwasher comes in to play here. Not every dish/plate or utensil can or should be placed inside a dishwasher; therefore the manufacture’s recommendations must be adhered to. Some basic guidelines to follow include but are not limited to: using the dishwasher for it’s intended use; use only detergents made to be used in a dishwasher; ensure that sharps objects are loaded properly so they do not do damage to the dishwasher itself (and of course to avoid injury to the person using it); do not tamper with or override controls or interlocks; and do not abuse, sit or stand on the door or racks. Additionally, a dishwasher can be a safety hazard especially if the electrical supply has not been correctly installed or if the dishwasher has not been grounded. In terms of storage, ensure that it is placed in the designated area in the kitchen, protect it from the elements, and keep the doors close when not loading items in it. After doing all of what has been outlined, does it answer the question as to how long a dishwasher will last? No?

Well, if the instructions regarding purchasing, installing, using and storing a dishwasher are adhered to, the answer that is being sought is simple. On average a dishwasher will last for approximately eight (8) to ten (10) years.