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How long does it take to fry chicken depends on many factors. One of the main ways to determine how long does it take to fry chicken is the size of the chicken and the method by which the chicken is being fried. Also important is what kind of recipe is being followed.
Usually, to gauge how long it takes to fry chicken could depend on the chicken size.If it is one whole chicken and needs to be fried in one entire piece, then it is best that after the chicken is de-skinned, washed and cleaned, the chicken should be boiled and then deep fried to ensure that it is cooked properly. If it is a two kg chicken, then it will take approximately fifteen minutes to boil the chicken. The chicken then needs to be cooled down and then it should be fried, either with a bread crumb coating which will make it crispy. Frying the chicken can take up to 20 minutes and can depend on the size of the chicken, the amount of oil used and the size of the fryer. If the chicken is being commercially prepared in commercial equipment it will take eight to ten minutes. In a home fryer or pan it will take approximately twenty minutes.

Another measure of how long does it take to fry a chicken depends if the chicken has been cut into eight or twelve pieces. This way the chicken will fry far more quickly since it takes lesser time for each piece to be fried and made tender than an entire chicken. If the chicken pieces are boiled before hand for ten minutes and then fried, then the time to how long does it take to fry chicken will be ten minutes. Frying in a deep fryer will take considerable longer and will use up a lot of oil, as heating the oil will also take time, this in turn will increase the time to fry chicken.

How long does it take to fry a chicken also depends on the recipe that is being used. Some recipes require pre boiling the chicken, and some don’t. Other recipes also involve in seasoning the chicken with spices and ingredients, marinating it in sauce and keep it to soak the sauce for a few hours or the this will drastically increase the time to fry chicken. Others involve soaking it in a marinade, coating it with a batter or creating a crust.

Once the chicken has been prepared, it takes approximately between fifteen to twenty minutes to fry chicken