How Long Does A Masters Degree Take

How Long Does A Masters Degree Take?

After finishing a bachelor’s degree, some people choose to complete postgraduate education. The most common form of postgraduate education is the master’s degree. However, you might be wondering, “How long does a masters degree take?” The answer to this question will depend on the program you are enrolled in and the university you have chosen to enroll. On average, you can expect a master’s degree to be at least 2 to 3 years from beginning to end.

Degree Types to Choose From

There are various degrees types you can choose to study when applying for a master’s degree program. This can also influence how long does a masters degree take to complete. For example, the student can select from either a Master of Science (MSc) or a Master of Arts (MA) degree. These two generally postgraduate degree types can be further broken down into subtypes. Some master of science degrees include Master of Engineering (MEng), Master of Physics (MPhys) or Master of Business Administration (MBA). An example of Master of Arts degrees include Master of Literature (MLit), Master of Education (MEd) and Master of Music (MMus).

Part-Time Study

Some people choose to continue working and complete their master’s degree. This is done on a part-time basis. When a master’s degree is completed part-time, it will usually take twice as long as completing the degree on a full-time basis. Students can attend class once to twice a week when taking part-time master’s degree programs.


Even though the degree requirements take a longer time to complete with part-time study, the entry requirements are no different than for full-time study. Students are often expected to be well-rounded individuals with at least a 3.0 GPA. Some master’s programs also require a passing grade on a required graduate admissions examination. The university accepting you for postgraduate education will also need to see copies of your latest transcript and all bachelor degree course credits that you obtained.

Accelerated Master’s Program

You might be fortunate to apply and become accepted for an accelerated master’s program. This is a postgraduate program that is completed in a shorter amount of time than the normal full-time study. Students who are diligent may be able to earn an accelerated master’s degree in just 12 to 18 months in an accelerated program. Most students will only complete an accelerated program on a full-time basis.

All in all, a masters degree is an excellent thing to pursue, and you be able to complete it in about 2 years, assuming you are dedicated and make it one of, if not thee, top priority at that stage of your life.